Chapter 4The Future Is Omnichannel and That Future Is Now

Buyer behavior is ever-changing. Naturally, sales reps need to follow suit.

As new sales channels are being introduced, old sales channels become saturated. These waves come in cycles. One day, phone works; the next day, pundits will say that “cold calling is dead” and that e-mail is on fire, only to cycle out of favor a few short years later.

David Priemer, CEO of Cerebral Selling and former VP of Sales at Salesforce, summed it up well when he said, “Buyer behaviors and their resistance to sales tactics are evolving faster than ever before. Rather than taking a defensive stance, organizations that embrace and prepare for this new normal and can pivot seamlessly will have an unbeatable competitive advantage.

“In a selling environment that changes by the day, there are two key ingredients to cultivating high-impact sales tactics:

  1. Never fall in love! Complacency breeds mediocrity. Keep learning and iterating to find the new winning formula, not just a new template. Often, it’s an entirely new sequence and set of channels.
  2. When you find a winning tactic that works, ensure every member of your team is able to execute it with conviction and consistency.

“You need to be embracing change, and then you need to know how to change at scale. The future of Sales Engagement is set up to help modern sales teams propagate winning, high-impact approaches, quickly and consistently,” David says.

The buyer persona is changing as well. ...

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