Chapter 7The Key to Ramping New Reps Faster

An underrated aspect of a strong Sales Engagement strategy is the ability to ramp reps much faster than ever before. Ramping starts with process above all. Without a repeatable, replicable process, it’s almost impossible to ramp or forecast ramp time of new reps.

A solid Sales Engagement strategy not only allows for the creation of an easy and controlled process, but it also provides the necessary metrics and oversight to train and coach best practices that you are 100% sure are actually best practices.

As the leading Sales Engagement company, of course, we have something to say on the matter. We drink our own champagne and pride ourselves on being quick to ramp, making every quarter faster than the previous one. We cultivate a beginner’s mindset.

So why let the execs talk when we could go straight to the source? Our seasoned SDR Manager, Sam Nelson, has ramped every new rep at Outreach for the past two years. This is his day in and day out at Outreach, so naturally it made sense for us to go to him to share his advice (and some if it was surprising, even to us!).

This is not only for companies that break out SDRs, AEs, and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) but also for companies that have full cycle reps that prospect, close deals, and upsell.

Sam’s Take: The Four Traits of World-Class SDRs

  • Cash
  • Ambitious
  • Hard-working
  • Shameless

Good SDRs come in different shapes and sizes, but they rarely come without these attributes.

Despite ...

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