Chapter 8Account-based Sales Strategies for the Modern Seller

Most companies embracing modern Sales Engagement are focused on contacting accounts with multiple stakeholders and decision makers. This happens as companies go “up market” and sell to bigger and bigger companies. Although the general approach has been around for decades, the modernization of Account-based Sales and Account-based Marketing is paving a new path for salespeople everywhere.

Defining an Account-based Approach

Account-based is the coordination of highly valuable, personalized experiences across all functions that impact a customer (marketing, sales development, sales, and customer success) to drive engagement at a target set of accounts. In this world, sales enjoys better opportunities but fewer of them. Account-based is about building relationships at target accounts deemed the right company, regardless of whether there is an active buying process. To be successful, every engagement is customized to the account and tailored to the individual stakeholder. In this new model, successful sales reps have a SWAT team of execution partners from Sales Development, Marketing, executive staff, and internal experts.

To help cover the bases (pun intended) of Account-based Sales, we brought in our friend Dan Gottlieb, Lead Analyst for Account-based Sales at TOPO Inc. TOPO is one of the leading analyst firms focused on helping high-growth companies build Account-based Sales and Marketing strategies. They work with ...

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