Warping Text

One of the major complaints about Photoshop used to be that you couldn't set type in anything but a straight line. If you wanted, say, a wavy line of text, you had to either position the letters one by one or set the type in Illustrator or something similar and import it into Photoshop. It was a nuisance, at best. Those days are long gone. As of Photoshop 7, Adobe added warped text. Rather than drawing your own path, the Warp Text dialog box allows you to select from 15 preset paths. You can also warp and distort the paths as necessary. Figure 17.22 shows a list of the presets.

Figure 17.22. Multiline presets work with one, two, or more lines of type.

The dialog box settings, shown in Figure 17.23, are a little bit tricky at first. ...

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