Appendix F

Files on the Web

In this last appendix the reader can find a list of files available on the web concerning computations by MathCad (file.MCD) or simulations by MicroCap9 (file.CIR) reported in the book.

F.1 Program Files of Chapter 1

  • CMOS_TL_DIODE_L_CMOS.cir. The model computes reflected waveforms in an interconnect point-to-point structure where driver and receiver are a CMOS gate formed by three MOS inverters. It is shown, with the option stepping of parameter pL, how the signals change according to the presence of the parasitic inductances. Since macros are used for X1 and X2 models, check the path of the required file on your computer. For more details, see Section 1.3 of the textbook, where the other examples can be easily reproduced with this model. Run transient analysis.

F.2 Program Files of Chapter 2

  • AC244_TR_5pin_TL_cir. The program calculates the waveforms in a point-to-point interconnect structure by using the IBIS model of the CMOS device AC244. The user can choose a min, typ, and max characteristic of the driver and receiver. For more details concerning the I/O characteristics of AC244, see Section 2.4. Run transient analysis. Check the path of the IBIS model on your computer.

F.3 Program Files of Chapter 5

  • TERMINATION_LH.cir. The program computes the reflections in a point-to-point interconnect owing to low-to-high switching by using the exact lossless line model outlined in Section 5.2. Driver and receiver are represented by Thévenin equivalent circuits. ...

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