ABC. See Activity based costing

ABM. See Activity-based management

Activity based costing (ABC), 42–46

Activity-based management (ABM), 46–48

Adaptability, 88

Adaptability index (AdI), 89

AdI. See Adaptability index

Administrative control, 6–7

Aggregator model of business, 136

AgI. See Agility index

Agility, 88

Agility index (AgI), 89

APO. See Average project overrun

ARRA. See Average recurring revenue per account

Average project overrun (APO), 73

Average recurring revenue per account (ARRA), 96

Bell curve, 110–113

Bench costs, 46

Billable utilization (BU), 73

BU. See Billable utilization

Capital Asset Pricing Model, 51

Capital budgeting

behavioral issues, 59–61

definition of, 51

strategic cost management, 61–62

CAS. See Customer acquisition ...

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