Appendix A: Glossary

5W’s and 2H’s: A rigid, structured approach that probes into and defines a problem by asking a specific set of questions related to a previously defined opportunity or problem statement. The 5W’s and 2H’s stands for:

  • W1: What?
  • W2: Why?
  • W3: Where?
  • W4: Who?
  • W5: When?
  • H1: How did it happen?
  • H2: How much did it cost?

Acceptable quality level (AQL): The percentage or proportion of defects or defectives that is considered satisfactory quality performance for a process or product.

Acceptance decisions: The process of making the choice to accept or reject an output based on the risk related to accepting that output and/or your evaluation of the output that is provided. Acceptance decision is the highest number of nonconforming ...

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