CHAPTER 1 The Work of a Sales Boss

A Sales Boss’s job is to deliver revenue that sufficiently and meaningfully exceeds the cost of delivering that revenue. If you want to be a Sales Boss, you must learn the art of getting the best results through other people. Sometimes these people will be directly on your team, but in many cases they will exist in other areas of the company, such as marketing, customer service, finance, and product development. Your success hinges on the ability to control and influence all of these spheres, as all of them impact the results of the sales team. A Sales Boss will never say, “That’s not my job.” Sales Bosses always ask themselves: “How do I influence this area that is impacting my team?”

Arguably, no other job is more critical in the success of a company than that of the Sales Boss. When a company is smaller, the salesperson is of central critical importance, but as a company grows, the importance of the individual salesperson diminishes and having a skilled manager in the role of Sales Boss becomes central and of critical importance.

In any business, nothing happens until somebody sells something. Nobody pays his or her mortgage, no kids get sent to college, and no retirements are funded until the salesperson is able to close business and get revenue coming in the door. In a company with a sales manager, the hiring, training, and success of the salespeople lie directly at the feet of the manager. The importance and significance of this role ...

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