CHAPTER 5 Your First 30 Days as Boss

With the frameworks from Chapter 4 in mind, let’s discuss how to get started with your new team. I will make the assumption that you are taking over as the boss of an existing team that needs to be improved. Perhaps you were promoted from within and are now managing a team you once were a part of. This change in position can be tricky! If you’ve been the sales manager for a while, but haven’t been getting fantastic results and you are reading this book, I would suggest the same series of actions, just treat today as day one of your job. Forget the past. If you’ve been on the team for a while, just preface the actions discussed here with the words: “I’d like to talk with you, as I am unhappy with the results I’ve been achieving with our sales team and could use your insights.” This humility will cause people who may have judged you poorly to give you some space and a chance to show improvement.

My first instructions need a caveat. I don’t recommend managing by consensus and, second, I almost always err on the side of being overly kind to the employee. People respond better (in the long term) when you come from a place of kindness rather than of intimidation. However, my first recommendation for you when you take over a new team will seem contrary to this advice.

Your first mission is to decide which person on your team you will fire and to do it within 45 days. Have I made you uncomfortable yet? Give the person a generous severance package ...

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