Do you like to control every aspect of your business? While you may answer yes to this question, I am here to tell you that doing everything does not give you more control. If anything it reduces your ability to control your company, as you are spread so thin that things slip through the cracks. So you decide you need to let go and you try to delegate some tasks. You employ someone or outsource some tasks to someone, only for them to screw it up — again — so you are left to clean up the mess, and the little voice in your head says, ‘I told you it would be easier to do it yourself.'

You see, in order for the Stop Doing List system to work for you (and it does work), you need to understand it's not as simple as telling somebody what to do. For the system to succeed you must be committed to behavioural change.

In order to achieve a goal you have never achieved before, you must start doing things you have never done before. This behavioural change is required for you and your people, but inevitably it must start with you! This sounds easy, but if it were that easy there would be no need for this book. Behavioural change requires you to consistently do something different.

Without understanding that you must leave your comfort zone in order to achieve behavioural change, you will struggle to let go of the majority of the non–income generating tasks that are holding you and your company back. Figure 1.1 shows the different zones.

Figure 1.1 ...

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