The final piece of the Stop Doing List puzzle is to find the right staff to work with you and take over a lot of the tasks that appear on your Stop Doing List. In this chapter we'll discuss the recruitment process itself. Recruitment is far more than holding interviews with as many people as possible until you find the best of the bunch. It's about knowing the:

  • parameters of the role
  • location for the role, be it local or remote
  • personality for the role
  • fit for your business culture
  • category for the position — is it role-based or task-based?

Once you've found the right fit, later in this chapter we'll look towards onboarding your new team member, to help them feel welcome to your team. Finally, when it comes to recruitment, you may have heard the phrase, ‘hire slow, fire fast'. When you take your time with the recruitment process to find the right person, and be ready to let go of the wrong people, you'll have fewer issues in the long run. However, sometimes moving a staff member on is unavoidable; this chapter will cover that as well.


It's fair to say one of the most challenging areas in business is hiring the right people. The reason I see this being challenging for most business owners is that they do not have a system for hiring or they do not follow the system they have created. It is not as simple as placing an advertisement online, sorting through some resumes, having an interview and awarding the role. A lot of thought and planning ...

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