So you've made your Stop Doing List. The knowledge–responsibility–control (KRC) model (as shown in figure 7.1, overleaf) is important to understand in order for the tasks you need to delegate to get completed effectively.


Figure 7.1: the KRC model

Without knowledge, it is difficult for your staff member to be responsible for something or to control it. Likewise, there is no point for your staff member to try and control something, or know anything about it, without them also having a degree of responsibility for it. And lastly, if they do not have control, it is hard for them to commit to fully knowing or being responsible.

The key to the KRC model is to commit to increasing your staff members':

  • knowledge
  • responsibility
  • control

consistently and systematically, and in the right areas, enabling them to take over the tasks you wish to stop doing.

Knowledge is important

Knowledge is vital to perform any task or function. Without it, things will never get better. You need to know how to do the job. There are ways to do it right and ways to do it wrong. If you don't know the right way to perform a task or activity you will not succeed. You can never know too much, so study, learn, observe, practise.

If you are a business owner or manager, as well as knowing and understanding how to manage, you also need to know what your team is ...

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