Accessing External Web Service

Using the Access MSN Search Web Service button, users can perform a search by making a call to the MSN Search Web Service. To use the MSN Search Web Service, you need to:

  • Add a Web Reference to the project by right clicking on the project name (MyApp) in Solution Explorer and selecting Add Web Reference.

  • Enter "" and click Go to locate the web service.

  • Click Add Reference to create a proxy class to this web service in your project.

The search result returned by the MSN Search Web Service will display in a message box. Code the Access MSN Search Web Service button as follows:

'=================================================== ' Access MSN Search Web Service '=================================================== Private Sub btnMSNWebService_Click( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles btnMSNWebService.Click '---Create a request and response object--- Dim req As New SearchRequest Dim resp As SearchResponse '---Set the request type--- Dim arraySize As Integer = 1 Dim sr(arraySize) As SourceRequest sr(0) = New SourceRequest sr(0).Source = SourceType.Web sr(0).ResultFields = ResultFieldMask.All req.AppID = "B017E1DC4FBB461E67DA0E013AF46CBB4F7BEEA3" req.Query = "ClickOnce" req.CultureInfo = "en-US" req.SafeSearch = req.Requests = sr Dim w As New MSNSearchService Try '---Invoke MSN Search Web service--- resp = w.Search(req) Dim resultStr ...

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