The Application Updates window allows you to indicate if and when your application should check for updates (see Figure 1-11).

Specifying how often the application will check for updates

Figure 1-11. Specifying how often the application will check for updates

Your application can:

  • Check for updates after the application starts. The updates download and install the next time the application runs.

  • Check for updates before the application starts.

If you check for updates after the application has started, you can specify how often to check. The most frequent check you can perform is once per day.

To prevent users from running an older version of your application, you can specify the minimum version required. This option is useful if you have just discovered a major bug in your application; to prevent users from rolling back to the previous version after the update, you can set the current version number as the minimum required version.

By default, your application will check for updates from locations in the following order:

  • Update location (if specified in this window).

  • Installation URL (if specified, as shown in Figure 1-7).

  • Publish location.

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