Accessing Registry Settings

The Access Registry Settings button will query the registry on the user's computer and retrieve the path to the Windows CE Application Manager.


You must have ActiveSync installed on your computer to access the Windows CE Application Manager.

The result will display in a message box:

    ' Access Registry Settings
    Private Sub btnRegistrySettings_Click( _
       ByVal sender As System.Object, _
       ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
       Handles btnRegistrySettings.Click

        '---Need to add "Imports Microsoft.Win32" to the top of the file
        '---Get the path to the Windows CE App Manager
        ' from the registry---
        Dim key As RegistryKey = _
           Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey( _
           "\App Paths\CEAPPMGR.EXE")
        If key Is Nothing Then
            MsgBox("Windows CE App Manager not found.")
            MsgBox("Path of Windows CE App Manager: "&_
            key.GetValue(String.Empty, String.Empty))
        End If
    End Sub

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