The Installation URL

In some scenarios, it may be important to first publish the application to a staging server before moving it to another server for deployment. While the Publishing Location text box specifies the location to which you'll publish the application, the Installation URL text box allows you to specify where the users should install your application. As an example, consider the following scenario:

When you publish the application using the above settings, the application will deploy to http://server1/MyApp/. However, you will need to manually copy all of the files located in the folder mapped to http://server1/MyApp/ into the folder mapped to http://server2/MyApp/. Users will then install the application from http://server2/MyApp/ (that is, through http://server2/MyApp/publish.htm). More importantly, the application will check for updates from http://server2/MyApp/ and not http://server1/MyApp/.

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