Chapter 13

Keeping Windows from Breaking

In This Chapter

arrow Creating your own restore point

arrow Backing up your computer with File History

arrow Freeing up hard drive space

arrow Making your computer run faster

arrow Tracking down and installing a new driver

If something in Windows is already broken, hop ahead to Chapter 18 for the fix. (Windows 8 offers more and better quick fixes than ever before.) But if your computer seems to be running reasonably well, stay right here. This chapter explains how to keep it running that way for the longest time possible.

This chapter is a checklist of sorts, with each section explaining a fairly simple and necessary task to keep Windows running at its best. You discover how to turn on the automatic backup program in Windows 8, called File History, for example.

If somebody says your computer has a bad driver, it’s not a personal insult. A driver is a little program that helps Windows talk to your computer’s various parts. This chapter explains how to remove bad drivers ...

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