Saving Time with Templates, Themes, and Master Documents


  • Comparing templates and themes
  • Creating and modifying templates
  • Managing templates
  • Working with themes and theme components
  • Saving custom themes
  • Understanding master documents
  • Finding the Master Document group tools
  • Creating and working with master documents

Templates and themes are the foundation when it comes to creating, formatting, and maintaining Word documents. They supply the professional styling and formatting you need so that you don't have to start from scratch for every document, as well as providing example content (when it comes to templates). Using the styles provided in a template enables you to format and reformat a document much more quickly than you otherwise could, and then update it globally just by changing the theme or a component of the theme. Similarly, the master document feature enables you to repurpose content that you and your collaborators have already created. When you combine multiple documents in a master document, you can organize the information as desired and provide uniform formatting to create a cohesive final product.

This chapter looks at templates, themes, and master documents. It shows you how to create and manage your own templates, change key theme components, and create and work with a master document. Read on to learn how you can exploit each of these tools to the max.

Creating Your Own Templates

Word users need a clear understanding of the relationship ...

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