Script Formats

Dual Column: Psa, Documentary, Corporate

The visual look is cold, monochromatic blue.


(MUSIC—increasing tension. )

EXT. ALLEY - DAY(4 seconds)

(SFX—The pulse of a racing heart. )

An urban alley in a poor part of town.

(Over this sound, we hear a series of DESPERATE VOICES. )

Garbage and debris litter the ground.

From a low angle, we look up at a tough, angry thirteen- year -old BOY. A CIGARETTE is jammed into the corner of his mouth. He walks through the alley with anger and attitude, kicking at the trash and smashing his book bag against the wall.

VO: WOMAN’S VOICE (angry, frustrated, desperate, rising in pitch, losing control)The school called again. What am I going to do with you?!

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