Appendix B. X10 Compatibility

X11 includes a conversion library, so that X10.4 applications can be easily ported to X11, albeit with a loss of performance. In addition, there are a few X10 routines that provide functionality missing in X11, which may still be used. This appendix discusses XDraw ()and related commands and association table routines for data management.

These functions are provided for compatibility with X Version 10. They are considered a part of Xlib even though they exist in a separate library. They can be used by including the file <X11/X10.h> and linking with the -loldX library.

X Version 11 XDraw now provides all the functionality of the X Version 10 routines XDraw, XDrawDashed, and XDrawPatterned. X Version 11 XDrawFilled() now provides the functionality of the old XDrawFilled() and XDrawTiled. These routines now use the GC to specify the fill, tile or stipple, line styles, etc.

The association table routines are described next in this appendix. aThey are also carried over from X10, although their functionality is also provided by the context manager routines described in Chapter 15. However, there are no performance penalties for using association tables if you prefer them.

See Volume Two, Xlib Reference Manual, for complete information on using any X10 compatibility function.

B.1 XDraw and XDrawFilled()

XDraw and XDrawFilled() call other Xlib routines, not the server directly. If you just have straight lines to draw, using XDrawLines() or XDrawSegments() is much ...

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