ASTD Management Development Handbook: Innovation for Today's Managers

Book description

The ASTD Management Development Handbook is a powerful collection of writing covering many aspects of management in today's business climate. This volume provides the most current thinking on leadership from modern management professionals who are in touch with the issues, challenges, opportunities, and dynamics present in contemporary corporate culture. Each of the contributors possesses a great deal of real-world managerial experience, a passion for communicating their insights clearly, and a desire to share their cutting-edge thinking on best management practices.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Content
  5. Foreword by Betsy Myers
  6. Introduction: Into the Future We Go
  7. Section I: Fundamental Ideas for Managers
    1. 1 Complexity and Perseverance
    2. 2 The Way We're Working Isn't Working: More and More, Less and Less
    3. 3 Irreverence as a Managerial Tool: What Managers Can Learn From Tina Fey, Martin Luther, and Bob Dylan
    4. 4 The Five Universal Themes in Business
    5. 5 Positively Using Your Power
    6. 6 New Evidence of Servant Leadership's Efficacy as a Managerial Approach
    7. 7 Two Good Things About Cats and Eight More Perspectives for Results
    8. 8 The Manager's Role in Creating a Learning Culture
    9. 9 Managing Scenario Projects
    10. 10 A Note on Women and Power
    11. 11 Brainpowered Tone Tools to Manage Excellence
  8. Section II: Managers as Culture Builders
    1. 12 Who Says There's No Crying In Leadership?
    2. 13 The LPK Field Guide—An Inspiring Model for Communicating Expectations
    3. 14 Rethinking Your Organization as a Community—The Open Source Way
    4. 15 From Quality to Excellence: Essential Strategies for Building a Quality-Oriented Culture
    5. 16 The Mesh: Access Over Ownership
    6. 17 Should Managers Care About Employee Happiness?
    7. 18 The Manager as Extreme Leader
    8. 19 Winning With a Culture of Recognition
  9. Section III: The Goal: Team Members Who Do Their Best Work Together
    1. 20 Creating a Sharing Society
    2. 21 Are SMART Goals Dumb?
    3. 22 How Team Building Really Works
    4. 23 Get Rid of the Dotted Lines: Accountability and Authority in Managerial Relationships
    5. 24 Performance Management at Ground Level
    6. 25 The First Secret of Improvisation—Yes! Space
    7. 26 Engaging Management: Put an End to Employee Engagement
    8. 27 Creating Winning Teams
    9. 28 Co-Create: Building a Successful, Enduring Organization One Project at a Time
    10. 29 You're Not the Boss of Me
    11. 30 Make Talent Your Business
  10. Section IV: Management Is a Social Act
    1. 31 Unmanaging the Network
    2. 32 How to Fascinate
    3. 33 ValYouCasting: The New Workforce Social Competencies
    4. 34 Using Social Media to Create Systems of Engagement
    5. 35 How to Run a Great Web Meeting
    6. 36 Convening: The Ultimate Management App
    7. 37 The Multicultural and Multigenerational Workplace: What Are the Future Challenges to Leaders?
  11. Conclusion: Management Is a Craft
  12. Reference Section: For Further Exploration!
  13. About the Editor
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: ASTD Management Development Handbook: Innovation for Today's Managers
  • Author(s): Lisa Haneberg
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781562868246