The voicemail.conf file controls the Asterisk voicemail system (called Comedian Mail). It consists of three main sections. The first, called [general], sets the general system-wide settings for the voicemail system. The second, called [zonemessages], allows you to configure different voicemail zones, which are a collection of time and time zone settings. The third and final section is where you create one or more groups of voicemail boxes, each containing the mailbox definitions.

(For more information on adding voicemail capabilities to your dialplan, see Chapter 6.)

General Voicemail Settings

The [general] section of voicemail.conf contains a plethora of options that affect the entire voicemail system:


Lists the codecs that should be used to save voicemail messages. Codecs should be separated with the pipe character (|). The first format specified is the format used when attaching a voicemail message to an email. Defaults to wav49|gsm|wav.


Provides the email address from which voicemail notifications should be sent.


Specifies whether or not Asterisk should attach the voicemail sound file to the voicemail notification email.


Sets the maximum length of a voicemail message, in seconds.


Sets the minimum length of a voicemail message, in seconds.


Sets the maximum length of voicemail greetings, in seconds.


Specifies how many milliseconds to skip forward/back when the user skips forward or backward during message playback. ...

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