Chapter 6. Creating a Customer Scorecard

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Taking the proper customer measures

  • Creating customer scorecards at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels

  • Reviewing your customer scorecards


Discovering the key measures you can use for your customers is the critical first step in building the customer leg of your balanced scorecard (for basic info on the scorecard setup, see Chapter 1). As a manager, you have to work with members of senior management to help them establish the strategies your company will pursue (and their strategic scorecards), and you have to work with the levels of management that report to you to develop the tactics and scorecards they’ll use to achieve your organization’s operational goals and to keep your scorecards on track. The following diagram in Figure 6-1 shows how you’re at the center of the scorecard process.

The strategic-operational-tactical diagram.

Figure 6-1. The strategic-operational-tactical diagram.

After you zero in on the customer measures you want to examine, you need to put them into a system for tracking and communicating them so that you’ll never lose sight of how you’re meeting (or not meeting) customer requirements and so you can let your people know how they’re doing in this regard. What kind of system? We’re glad you asked: A balanced scorecard!

In this chapter, we explore the setup (the measures) and the creation of the customer ...

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