hack: A journalist. (Colloq.)

hair in the gate: Images of hair-shaped particles seen on the frame line of motion picture images after processing.

hairpin: US term for U-link.

halation: Unwanted exposure surrounding the photographic image of a bright object, caused by light scattered within the emulsion layer or reflected from the base of the film.

half-duplex: A mode of data transmission in which each station can send to the other, but only in one direction at a time.

half frame: A photographic film frame with smaller dimensions than the standard (35 mm) frame (1), i.e. 24 × 18 mm instead of 24 × 36 mm for slides or 21 × 8 mm rather than 21 × 16 mm for cinematography.

half-tone: Tonal differentiation in an image by a series of ruled, etched ...

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