I am indebted to so many friends and colleagues who have read (and reread) this book and offered so many valuable suggestions.

My thanks to active and past practitioners, faculty members, former students and friends: Laird Anderson, Dave Arnold, Mary Baer, Ken Barcus, Andy Barth, Steve Bell, Jackie Benson, Amanda Billings, Ed Bliss, Merv Block, Dane Claussen, Liz Claman, Ron Comings, Bob Conley, Evan Cornog, Carol Costello, Christine Davidson, Camilla Gant,John Doolittle, Bob Dotson, Emily Edwards, Irving Fang, Mike Ferring, Kelly Fincham, Brad Fitch, Carol Fletcher, Kymberly Fox, Wayne Freedman, Peter Goodman, Tom Grimes, Steve Hartman, Craig Helfant, Dave Hickcox, Chris James, Steve Johnson, Phil Jurey, Laura Kaufmann, ...

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