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Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way: How to Drive a Relationship-Centered Strategy for Exceptional Patient Experience

Book Description

The proven strategy for driving patient satisfaction, physician engagement, and better clinical outcomes with improved doctor-patient communication—from the thought leaders at Cleveland Clinic Clinic

This book outlines Cleveland Clinic’s pioneering, nationally-recognized REDE to CommunicateSM program, which the legendary hospital system has used to become a world leader in relationship-centered communication.

It reveals why the Clinic made effective communication a top strategic priority and how it successfully overcame obstacles to implementing it, including internal resistance from physicians, and adapted it for advanced care providers. This practical guide provides the information decision-makers need to design, develop, and implement communication skills training in their own institutions. Learn how to:

  • Cultivate leadership and clinician support for your new patient experience strategy
  • Highlight relationships as a foundation for all communication with patients and colleagues using an evidence-based framework, the REDE Model (Relationship: Establishment, Development, and Engagement)
  • Build effective and relevant communication skills programs for experienced physicians, residents, and medical students
  • Leverage creative communication skills program design and data transparency to engage physicians and advanced care providers form various backgrounds and specialties in patient experience
  • Identify common misperceptions and myths in healthcare communication and how to respond to them successfully

Adrienne Boissy, MD, is the Chief Experience Officer of Cleveland Clinic.
Timothy Gilligan, MD, is Co-Director of the Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication (CEHC) at Cleveland Clinic.