Chapter 5. Challenges

No new technology or practice is a silver bullet, and Continuous Deployment is no exception to this rule. In addition to requiring being well-practiced with Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment comes with its own set of challenges. It would be irresponsible of this book not to mention them, and I believe that understanding them also provides a more well-rounded approach to Continuous Deployment itself. In case your team ends up facing them, I will describe some strategies you can adopt to overcome them or mitigate them.

In this chapter, we will look at a variety of scenarios where teams might struggle to adopt Continuous Deployment or require some tweaking to their processes or architecture to make it work. We will learn about some of the pain points of the practice, and what concrete implications they have for real teams. Depending on the organization’s context, these pain points might be inconsequential, manageable or completely unacceptable. It will be ...

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