1. What is the composition of the operational infrastructure of the data warehouse? Why is operational infrastructure equally as important as the physical infrastructure?

  2. List the major components of the physical infrastructure. Write two or three sentences to describe each component.

  3. Briefly describe any six criteria you will use for selecting the operating system for your data warehouse.

  4. What are the platform options for the staging area? Compare the options and mention the advantages and disadvantages.

  5. What are the four common methods for data movement within the data warehouse? Explain any two of these methods.

  6. Write two brief paragraphs on the considerations for client workstat ions.

  7. What are the four parallel server hardware options? List the features, benefits, and limitations of anyone of these options.

  8. How have the RDBMS vendors enhanced their products for data warehousing? Describe briefly in one or two paragraphs.

  9. What is intraquery parallelization by the DBMS? What are the three methods?

  10. List any six types of software tools used in the data warehouse. Pick any three types from your list and describe the features and the purposes.

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