We have seen how the convergence of Web technology and data warehousing is inevitable. The two technologies deal with providing information. Web technology is able to deliver information more easily, around the clock. It is no wonder that companies want to Web-enable their data warehouses.

Other advantages and possibilities also emerge when you connect the warehouse to the Web. One such benefit is the ability to come up with newer ways of making the data warehouse more effective through extranet data marts and the like. We also looked at the possibility of using the Web as a data source for your warehouse.

Nevertheless, better information delivery remains the most compelling reason for adapting the data warehouse for the Web. The Web brings a new outlook on information delivery and revolutionizes the process. Let us, therefore, spend some time on Web-based information delivery. How does the Web escalate the usage of the data warehouse? What are the benefits and what are the challenges? How do you deal with the dramatic change in information delivery brought about by the Web?

16.3.1. Expanded Usage

No matter how you look at it, the advantages of connecting the data warehouse to the Web appear to be amazing. Users can use the browser to perform their queries easily and at any time during the day. There are no headaches associated with synchronizing distributed data warehouses present in client/server environments. The usage of the data warehouse ...

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