Do You Matter?: How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company

Book description

“Definitely, a game changer! Design experience is the power shift to our era what mass marketing was to the last century.”

John Sculley  former CEO, Pepsi and Apple

“Great design is about creating a deep relationship with your customers. If you don’t, you’re roadkill. This book shows you how and much, much more. Be prepared to have your mind blown.”

Bill Burnett  Executive Director, Design Program, Stanford University

“Design is the last great differentiator, and yet so few really understand it. Do You Matter? offers a marvelous series of direct, in-your-face observations and drives home the means to an absolutely integrated design strategy.”

Ray Riley  Design GM, Entertainment and Devices, Microsoft

“This book will challenge you to ask and answer what arguably are the most important questions an executive can ponder today. So open up.” 

Noah Kerner  CEO, Noise and coauthor, Chasing Cool

More and more companies are coming to understand the competitive advantage offered by outstanding design. With this, you can create products, services, and experiences that truly matter to your customers' lives and thereby drive powerful, sustainable improvements in business performance. But delivering great designs is not easy. Many companies accomplish it once, or twice; few do it consistently. The secret: building a truly design-driven business, in which design is central to everything you do. Do You Matter? shows how to do precisely that. Legendary industrial designer Robert Brunner (who laid the groundwork for Apple's brilliant design language) and Stewart Emery (Success Built to Last) begin by making an incontrovertible case for the power of design in making emotional connections, deepening relationships, and strengthening brands. You'll learn what it really means to be "design-driven" and how that translates into action at Nike, Apple, BMW and IKEA. You'll learn design-driven techniques for managing your entire experience chain; define effective design strategies and languages; and learn how to manage design from the top, encouraging "risky" design innovations that lead to entirely new markets. The authors show how (and how not) to use research; how to extend design values into marketing, manufacturing, and beyond; and how to keep building on your progress, truly "baking" design into all your processes and culture.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Praise for Do you matter?
  3. About the Authors
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. 1. Design Matters
    1. Design or Die
  6. 2. Do You Matter?
    1. Why?
  7. 3. How To Matter
  8. 4. Being Design Driven
    1. Positive Examples of Design-Driven Companies
      1. Design for the Seoul—Samsung’s Turnaround
      2. Interface Gets in the Face of Business as Usual
      3. Getting on Target with Target
    2. Some Not So Positive Examples
      1. Starbucks Slips in Coffee
      2. Polaroid Loses Focus Lock
    3. Implementation
    4. How Do You Know How Your Customers Feel?
    5. Cost Factors
    6. The Human Factor
  9. 5. Your Brand Is Not Your Logo
    1. The Living Nature of a Brand
    2. Your Brand Communicates
    3. Your Brand Is About Value
    4. How To Really Be Cool, Not Just Act Cool
    5. Your Brand Should Be As Alive As a Person
    6. Once There, a Brand’s Success Is Yours to Lose
    7. How Do You Know How You’re Doing in Respect to Customer Experience?
  10. 6. Products As Portals
    1. Starting with Experience, Hopefully Ending with It
    2. Being the Customer
    3. How Do You Do This?
    4. Portals to Experience
    5. This All Sounds Good, But One More Time, How Do I Go About Doing It?
    6. You Can Do It, We Can’t Help
    7. What the W? A Hotel As Suite As They Come!
  11. 7. Your Products and Services Are Talking to People
    1. What Is Design Language?
    2. Speaking in Tongues
    3. Getting to Your Own Design Language and Strategy
  12. 8. Building a Design-Driven Culture
    1. Focus
    2. Long-Term
    3. Authentic
    4. Vigilant
    5. Original
    6. Repeatable
  13. 9. Go Forth and Matter
    1. 1. Design matters
    2. 2. Design is a process, not an event
    3. 3. If it was easy, everybody would do it
  14. Endnotes
    1. Chapter 3
    2. Chapter 4
    3. Chapter 5
    4. Chapter 6
    5. Chapter 7
    6. Chapter 8

Product information

  • Title: Do You Matter?: How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company
  • Author(s): Robert Brunner, Stewart Emery, Russ Hall
  • Release date: August 2008
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780137149506