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Doing Good By Doing Good: Why Creating Shared Value is the Key to Powering Business Growth and Innovation

Book Description

Bring the heart of your company into the community with effective CSR

Doing Good by Doing Good shows companies how to improve the bottom line by implementing an engaging, authentic, and business-enhancing program that helps staff and business thrive. International CSR consultant Peter Baines draws upon lessons learnt from the challenges faced in his career as a police officer, forensic investigator, and founder of Hands Across the Water to describe the Australian CSR landscape, and the factors that make up a program that benefits everyone involved. Case studies illustrate the real effect of CSR on both business and society, with clear guidance toward maximizing involvement, engaging all employees, and improving the bottom line. The case studies draw out the companies that are focusing on creating shared value in meeting the challenges of society whilst at the same time bringing strong economic returns.

Consumers are now expecting that big businesses with ever-increasing profits give back to the community from which those profits arise. At the same time, shareholders are demanding their share and are happy to see dividends soar. Getting this right is a balancing act, and Doing Good by Doing Good helps companies delineate a plan of action for getting it done. Readers will:

  • Define an effective CSR strategy that promotes better business and makes a real impact

  • Understand the current landscape to evaluate the CSR options that are right for your company

  • Understand why corporate philanthropy is no longer enough

  • Identify the hard and soft key performance indicators that help keep your program on track

  • Gain an understanding of the concept of shared value and the importance to business

  • Gain insight into each step of the CSR process, from interest, to information, to implementation

  • The concept of CSR is not new, but traditional "payroll deductions" and "volunteer days" are out-dated and grossly ineffective. Today, companies are building simple, well-constructed programs that are changing business and changing lives on a much grander scale. Doing Good by Doing Good provides a fool proof strategy for CSR planning, with value to the company, employees, and community at large.

    Table of Contents

    1. Acknowledgements
    2. Preface
    3. Introduction: Clarity comes with action
      1. Shared value
      2. Who should read this book?
      3. The message
      4. Dreamers of the day
    4. Chapter 1: Is there a better way?
      1. A paradigm shift
      2. The traditional approach
      3. Missed opportunities
      4. A way forward
      5. Constraints on the charity sector
      6. Two different rule books
      7. A need for balance
    5. Chapter 2: How to engage
      1. Entering the for-purpose sector
      2. Channels of engagement
      3. Further strategies
    6. Chapter 3: Business Benefits of engagement
      1. Measurable returns: expect them and demand them
      2. A simple model of business benefits
    7. Chapter 4: Small Business: the multiplier effect
      1. WordStorm: the value of in-kind support
      2. Churchill Education: connecting through shared personal values
    8. Chapter 5: Medium-sized business: aligning values and purpose
      1. Jellis Craig: a multilayered approach
      2. Narta: a focused, long-term commitment
    9. Chapter 6: Large Business: strategic investment
      1. Optus: an integrated shared value model
      2. Unilever Global: driving sustainability for business advantage
      3. TOMS: the genius of a simple model
    10. Chapter 7: The Origin Story
      1. Shared value at work — the Origin way
      2. Assessing and addressing community needs
      3. Ostwald Bros — a contracting partner
      4. Constraints on measuring and reporting
      5. The Origin Foundation
    11. Chapter 8: Charity Taking the lead
      1. Strategic development
      2. It's a crowded marketplace
      3. Make it easier to say yes
      4. How does charity take the lead on this?
      5. Leveraging the CSR investment
    12. Chapter 9: Journey to shared value
      1. Changing the operating model
      2. Winning companies contribute
      3. Shared value requires change
      4. The CSR participation continuum
      5. Shared value and innovation
      6. The critics of shared value
    13. Chapter 10: Measuring and reporting
      1. Benchmarking and measuring
      2. Reporting indices
      3. How and what to report
      4. Voluntary reporting
      5. Compulsory reporting
    14. Chapter 11: Value of shared experiences
      1. Hands Across the Water
      2. OzHarvest
      3. Humpty Dumpty Foundation
    15. Chapter 12: Selecting a charity partner
      1. The guiding principles
      2. The next step
      3. Sharing the pie
    16. Afterword: Looking forward — what's on the horizon
    17. Index
    18. Hello
    19. Advert
    20. End User License Agreement