Chapter 8. Reaching Prospects

  • What is the ListSummary Server Control and how do you use it?

  • How do you make use of calendars and events in the Ektron Framework?

  • How do you manage video on your website?

Reaching prospects and maintaining connections with existing customers are two of the most important functions of your website. One of the ways this is done is through the use of corporate event calendars. Calendars allow your users to see what public events your company is holding, find out about webinars, better understand the lifecycle of your technology, or simply better connect with your service or sales representatives.

Video can also be a great connector of the Web, whether to disseminate technical information and provide how-to's, or to tap into your current customer base as an advertising technique to sell your company's wares. More and more frequently, if people have the option to find information through reading marketing copy or watching a five-minute video, they are turning to the video.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to implement these fundamental tools, allowing you to utilize them to increase your conversion rate. You'll be looking at things from the perspective of a testimonial page, but with slightly more generic examples that allow you to use these features throughout your site, wherever they make sense.


This section gives you a continuation of the use cases that started in Chapter 7. It connects the exercises you will perform in this chapter with the plan ...

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