GIVEN THAT YOU'RE READING the introduction to a Wrox book about Ektron, you likely have (or will soon have) some level of technical responsibility for a website powered by the Ektron Framework. Maybe you're tasked with the duty of maintaining an existing site and are looking for information to help make that process more efficient; or maybe you're developing a new site and are in need of deep technical information, best practices, and step-by-step guidance showing how to build a website from the ground-up using the Ektron framework. Whichever it is, you are involved in a Web project of some form, and you've most likely picked up this book to gain some level of technical competency with the Ektron Framework.

This book will cover the Ektron Framework in great technical depth, covering step-by-step instructions, best practices, and tips and tricks, in a way that is useful for someone needing to build a new website, maintain an existing one, or something in the middle. The book goes beyond the basics of technical competency with the Ektron platform, however, and helps you gain a solid understanding of how to achieve success with your Ektron Web projects. From a developer's standpoint, becoming technically proficient in Ektron is a prerequisite for this success; but when all is said and done, your project's success depends on more than just your knowledge of how to get the latest gadget on your website.

What makes a Web project successful? Far too often, Web projects begin ...

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