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Mari Smith will dazzle you with her happy personality and excite you about new features and new ways that you can use Facebook. If you have questions about anything regarding Facebook, you'll probably find something here to spark your interest. Subscribe and check back often! is a great blog, founded by Justin Smith, that focuses on Facebook news and information. (See Figure 18-8.) Part of the InsideNetwork, InsideFacebook is the general Facebook news piece of what the site offers.

InsideNetwork also provides several other, more specific, Facebook-related blogs. Specifically, it has the following sites:

  • This site focuses on the more general Facebook-related articles. By subscribing to this site, if you were to pick only one source, you generally get all the updates you need about Facebook from this one. Go to the others, though, if you can't get enough about Facebook.
  • This site focuses on specific social games. Some of these aren't Facebook related, but any game, such as FarmVille, that has a social aspect to it will be covered on this blog.
  • If you're passionate about mobile, come here to get your mobile fix. You can find all kinds of news, tips, and secrets about the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and other types of mobile apps that are available.
  • Virtual goods and currency are the hot topics among Facebook developers these days. ...

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