Chapter 1. Introduction to AAA and RADIUS

It is my pleasure to present you a beginner's guide to FreeRADIUS. This book will help you to deploy a solid, stable, and scalable RADIUS server in your environment.

This chapter is used as an introduction to RADIUS and FreeRADIUS. We will be covering a fair amount of theory and recommend you pay special attention to it. This will supply you with a good foundation on the workings of the RADIUS protocol and will be of much help in subsequent chapters.

In this chapter we shall:

  • See what AAA is, and why we need it
  • Learn where RADIUS started and why it is so relevant today
  • See why FreeRADIUS really shines as a RADIUS server
  • Understand the relationship between AAA, RADIUS, and FreeRADIUS

Let's get started.

Authentication, ...

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