7.4. GPMC 2.0 Management Stations and the Central Store

As we discussed, the ideal world is to use only the GPMC 2.0 for your management stations. Sure, that means you'll have to spin up one Windows Vista + SP1 machine (and download the GPMC 2.0) or use a Windows Server 2008 machine.

But remember, if you have even one Windows Vista client machine or one Windows Server 2008 machine out there in sales, marketing, human resources, and so on, you'll need to manage it from a GPMC 2.0 machine. That's because the GPMC 1.0 (which runs on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) won't have the definitions of the policy settings that the GPMC 2.0 clients have.

So, we'll assume from here on that you'll be using only GPMC 2.0 as your management station (either ...

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