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Handbook For Writing Proposals, Second Edition

Book Description

Proven techniques and invaluable advice for writing winning business proposals—revised and updated!What makes a winning business proposal? It highlights your skills and services, meets your client’s needs, and clearly sets you apart from the competition.Since 1995, Handbook for Writing Proposals has helped thousands of professionals develop winning proposals.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Handbook for Writing Proposals
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 1 Where to Begin
    1. Opportunities and Pitfalls
    2. Types of Proposals
    3. Four Key Questions
    4. Your Planning Process
    5. Locating New Business
    6. Which Jobs to Target
    7. When Not to Write a Proposal
    8. Characteristics of a Winning Proposal
  7. 2 9-Step Proposal Process: An Overview
    1. 9-Step Proposal Preparation and Writing Process
    2. Step 1: Bid/No-Bid Analysis and Decision
    3. Step 2: The Proposal Team
    4. Step 3: RFP Analysis
    5. Step 4: Preparation Schedule
    6. Step 5: Assignment of Tasks
    7. Step 6: Development of Program Design
    8. Step 7: Development of Front Matter and Executive Summary
    9. Step 8: Producing the Proposal
    10. Step 9: Client Presentation
  8. 3 Selecting the Bid and Choosing the Proposal Team
    1. Step 1: Bid/No-Bid Analysis and Decision
    2. Step 2: The Proposal Team
    3. Where to Look for Market Information
  9. 4 Finding Your Unique Selling Point
    1. Step 3: Detailed RFP Analysis and Your USP
    2. Step 4: Preparation Schedule
    3. Step 5: Assignment of Tasks
  10. 5 Developing Your Program Design
    1. Step 6: Program Design—The Heart of Your Proposal
    2. Your Compliance with the RFP
    3. Three Parts of the Program Design
    4. Appendixes in a Proposal
    5. Summary of a Winning Program Design
  11. 6 Writing the Front Matter and Executive Summary
    1. Step 7: Front Matter and Executive Summary
    2. The Front Matter
    3. The Executive Summary
    4. Common Errors
    5. Executive Summary Checklist
  12. 7 Producing Your Proposal
    1. Step 8: Proposal Production
    2. Criteria for Using Graphics instead of Words
    3. Using Tables and Graphics Effectively
    4. Designing Tables and Graphics
    5. Final Checklist
  13. 8 Making Client Presentations
    1. Step 9: Presenting the Proposal to the Client
    2. Planning Steps
    3. Organizing the Presentation
    4. Practicing the Presentation
    5. Survival Tips
    6. Checklist for Client Presentations
  14. Appendixes
    1. Appendix A: Sample Executive Summary
    2. Appendix B: Sample Proposal
    3. Appendix C: Sample Résumé Boilerplates
    4. Appendix D: Brief Guide to International Business English
    5. Appendix E: Frequently Confused Words
    6. Appendix F: Frequently Misspelled Words
  15. Index