Form-Based Authentication

Although there’s more to implementing it than with the other forms of authentication, FORM-based isn’t that bad. First, you create your own custom HTML form for the user login (although this can certainly be generated by a JSP). Then you create a custom HTML error page for the Container to use when the user makes a login error. Finally, you tie the two forms together in the DD, using the <login-config> element. Note: if you’re using Form-based authentication, be sure to turn on SSL or session tracking, or your Container might not recognize the login form when it’s returned!

What YOU do:

  1. Declare <login-config> in the DD

  2. Create an HTML login form

  3. Create an HTML error form


Three entries in the HTML login form are the key to communicating with the container:

- j_security_check

- j_username

- j_password

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Don’t relax!

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