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Head First Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition by Bert Bates, Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra

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Praise for the Head First approach

“Java technology is everywhere—in mobile phones, cars, cameras, printers, games, PDAs, ATMs, smart cards, gas pumps, sports stadiums, medical devices, Web cams, servers, you name it. If you develop software and haven’t learned Java, it’s definitely time to dive in—Head First.”

Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems Chairman, President and CEO

“It’s fast, irreverent, fun, and engaging. Be careful—you might actually learn something!”

Ken Arnold, former Senior Engineer at Sun Microsystems Co-author (with James Gosling, creator of Java), The Java Programming Language

“Until now, I could not have imagined a person smiling while studying an IT book! Using Head First EJB materials, I got a great score (91%) and set a world record as the youngest SCBCD, 14 years.”

Afsah Shafquat (world’s youngest Sun Certified Business Component Developer)

“I received the book yesterday and started to read it on the way home... and I couldn’t stop. I took it to the gym and I expect people saw me smiling a lot while I was exercising and reading. This is très ‘cool.’ It is fun but they cover a lot of ground and they are right to the point. I’m really impressed.”

Erich Gamma, IBM Distinguished Engineer, and co-author of Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns manages to mix fun, belly laughs, insight, technical depth and great practical advice in one entertaining and thought provoking read. Whether you are new to design patterns, or have been using them for years, you are sure to get something from visiting Objectville.”

Richard Helm, coauthor of “Design Patterns” with rest of the Gang of Four - Erich Gamma, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides

“I feel like a thousand pounds of books have just been lifted off of my head.”

Ward Cunningham, inventor of the Wiki and founder of the Hillside Group

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design is a refreshing look at the subject of OOA&D. What sets this book apart is its focus on learning. There are too many books on the market that spend a lot of time telling you why, but do not actually enable the practitioner to start work on a project. Those books are very interesting, but not very practical. I strongly believe that the future of software development practice will focus on the practitioner. The authors have made the content of OOA&D accessible and usable for the practitioner ”

Ivar Jacobson, Ivar Jacobson Consulting

“The book does a good job of capturing that entertaining, visually oriented, ‘Head First’ writing style. But hidden behind the funny pictures and crazy fonts is a serious, intelligent, extremely well-crafted presentation of OO Analysis and Design. This book has a strong opinion of how to design programs, and communicates it effectively. I love the way it uses running examples to lead the reader through the various stages of the design process. As I read the book, I felt like I was looking over the shoulder of an expert designer who was explaining to me what issues were important at each step, and why.”

Edward Sciore, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department Boston College

“I just finished reading HF OOA&D, and I loved it! The book manages to get across the essentials of object-oriented analysis and design with UML and use cases, and even several lectures on good software design, all in a fast-paced, easy to understand way. The thing I liked most about this book was its focus on why we do OOA&D—to write great software! By defining what great software is and showing how each step in the OOA&D process leads you towards that goal, it can teach even the most jaded Java programmer why OOA&D matters. This is a great ‘first book’ on design for anyone who is new to Java, or even for those who have been Java programmers for a while but have been scared off by the massive tomes on OO Analysis and Design.”

Kyle Brown, Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Head First Software Development is a whimsical but very thoughtfully designed series of information diagrams and clever illustrations meant to accurately and clearly convey information directly into YOUR brain. It’s a whole new kind of book.”

Scott Hanselman Software Developer, Speaker, Author Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen

Head First Software Development tackles the aspects of software development that are rarely taught in class, but you REALLY need to know.”

Keith Wichmann, SOA architect, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

Head First Software Development teaches many valuable lessons that will help anyone deliver quality software on time and on budget. Following the core principles taught in this book will help keep your project on track from start to finish. No matter how long you’ve been developing software, Head First Software Development will give you essential tools for developing successful projects from start to finish.”

Adam Z. Szymanski, Software Project Manager, Naval Research Laboratory

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