Even more people[1]

From Bryan Basham

I could start by thanking my Mom, but that’s been done before...My knowledge of Java web development is founded in a few medium-scale applications that I have written, but that foundation was honed and refined by years of debate on a Java instructor email alias internal to Sun. In particular, I would like to thank Steve Stelting, Victor Peters, Lisa Morris, Jean Tordella, Michael Judd, Evan Troyka, and Keith Ratliff. There were many people that carved my knowledge, but these six have been the knives that have cut me the deepest.

As with all book projects, the last three months were pretty difficult. I want to thank my fiance, Kathy Collina, for being patient with me. I want to thank Karma and Kiwi (our cats) for the late night sessions of lap-sitting and keyboard trouncing.

Lastly, and most importantly, I must thank Kathy and Bert for even suggesting that we take on this project. Kathy Sierra is truly unique in the world. Her knowledge of metacognition and instructional design is matched only by her creative juice that pours out of her Head First books. I have worked in education for five years now and I have learned nearly everything I know from Kathy... Oh, don’t worry about my Mom; she will get a big dedication in my next Head First book. I love you, Mom!

From Kathy and Bert

That was so mushy Bryan, geez. (Not that Kathy doesn’t appreciate the sucking up.) We agree about your fiance, though. But it’s not like she missed you, out playing Ultimate all summer long while we were working like dogs at our Powerbooks. But you really made this a rewarding experience Bryan, and you’re the best[2] co-author we’ve ever had! It’s almost frightening how calm and happy you are all the time.

We all appreciate the hard-working Sun exam certification team, especially Java cert manager Evelyn Cartagena, and we thank all the folks who helped develop the JSRs for the Servlet and JSP specs.

[1] The large number of acknowledgments is because we’re testing the theory that everyone mentioned in a book acknowledgment will buy at least one copy, probably more, what with relatives and everything. If you’d like to be in the acknowledgments of our next book, and you have a large family, write to us.

[2] Point of clarification: Bryan is the only co-author we’ve ever had, but that in no way diminishes the intent.

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