Part I

Building the Foundation


In this part . . .

HTML5 games are built on the web. Before you can push the limits of what the web can do, you need to have a basic command of fundamentals. This part provides a quick overview or refresher on basic web technologies, at least enough so you can start writing games.

Chapter 1 introduces the key components of HTML5 and CSS. If you’ve never used HTML before, you’ll find the concepts pretty easy to understand. If you’re an old hand at HTML, you may still want an overview of HTML5. Even in this very first chapter, you build an adventure game while learning how to create the HTML and CSS infrastructure you’ll use for more advanced games.

Chapter 2 introduces the JavaScript programming language and explains how it’s used to interact with web pages. You use JavaScript throughout the book, and the techniques described here will be used for scoreboards and user input. As you explore these topics, you build the classic Word Story game.

Chapter 3 introduces all the main ideas of computer programming including data conversion, loops and branches, functions and parameters, and arrays. These ideas form the foundation of all computer programming, and you’ll see them in practically every game you write.

Chapter 4 combines all the ideas in the first part to build a complete number-guessing game. You find out how to put together a game development ...

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