Chapter 11

Ten Great Game Asset Resources

In This Chapter

arrow Discover great tools for building graphics with raster, vector, and 3D technologies

arrow Record your own sound effects with free tools

arrow Learn to build retro sound effects

arrow Explore libraries of sounds and images for your games

This book teaches all about game development, but to make a game, you’ll need various tools — especially graphics and sound effects. In this chapter, I describe ten really great tools for making games (and I snuck in one extra tool for your consideration). Some are software, some are websites, and all are awesome.

Dia Diagramming Tool

Game development requires planning and documentation. Many times you’ll want to have some sort of tool to help you plan your game, whether you’re thinking about how the user goes from state to state in an adventure game or you’re designing a screen diagram for your top-down racer. In any case, you’ll probably want some kind of diagramming tool.

Dia is a very popular free tool, available at http://projects.gnome. org/dia.

Dia is a vector editor, which means it’s particularly good ...

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