Part II

Basic Game Development


In this part . . .

This part introduces the simpleGame engine, which gives you the ability to make fun and powerful games right away.

Chapter 5 introduces the simpleGame engine. It walks you through how to build a basic game or animation. It then provides a template you can use for your own games. I show how to add basic keyboard input to convert an animation to an interactive experience.

Chapter 6 focuses on those game engine elements that are the foundation of any game. You find out how you can use object-oriented programming to create your own new sprite types. You add properties and methods to give your sprites new features and behavior. You manage sound effects and basic collision-detection, and you discover how to use the timer object in your games.

Chapter 7 takes you from the idea stage to the delivery of a complete game. It highlights a game design document as well as a strategy for working on the game project. I show the various elements of my game, how to build a library of components, and how to bring them together. You also find out how to convert a single element into a group of elements and how to design a game with variable difficulty levels.

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