Chapter 13

Ten Game Starters

In This Chapter

arrow Learning to build various game types

arrow Storing high scores on the browser

arrow Building tile-based worlds

arrow Creating simple artificial intelligence algorithms

arrow Writing a lot of games!

For the final chapter, take a look at a number of different games that can be built with the skills learned throughout the book. Each of the games featured below is a “starter” game. I illustrate some key ideas and sometimes introduce a new concept or two. None of the games is completely finished: I deliberately left the graphics simplistic, and left out many details like audio, scorekeeping, and multiplayer functionality.

For each program, I illustrate the basic type of game I’m trying to produce, point out a few key technologies or ideas, and give you some suggestions on how to build your own game from this starting package.

Note that I’m not printing out every code listing in this chapter. Instead, I encourage you to play around with each game on my website, (

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