Instagram Power, Second Edition: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Visual Influence, 2nd Edition

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The essential guide to marketing and building your business on Instagram - today’s hottest social media platform

While other social sites are declining in popularity, Instagram is hotter than ever—and shows no signs of cooling off any time soon. But it’s not just users that are flocking to the site, marketers love it too. With more features and marketing capabilities than ever, Instagram is a channel that smart marketers can’t afford to avoid.

Filled with proven strategies from leading Instagram experts this updated edition of Instagram Power walks you through the steps of setting up your account, actionable monetization methods you can use, and how to integrate the social media platform into your complete marketing approach. With 15 new chapter subsections and revisions throughout, the book shows you how to leverage all the new features, including Insights, IGTV, Shop-able Posts, Stories, and Instagram Ads.

You’ll discover how to:

•Leverage Instagram to build and strengthen your business or personal brand
•Design an effective marketing plan for the platform
•Sell directly on Instagram with Shop-able posts
•Avoid common pitfalls, and much more
If you’re serious about marketing, you need to tap into the power of the world's most popular photo-sharing platform. This guide offers a road map to achieving Instagram marketing success.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I P = Prep for Success
    1. Step 1. Join Instagram and Get Your Business Profile
      1. The Remarkable Rise of Instagram
      2. Brand-New to Instagram—Read This Before Signing Up
      3. The Power of the Profile
      4. A Powerful Profile Is Focused
      5. Profile Name Options
      6. The Powerful Profile Checklist
      7. Don’t Get Banned from Instagram
      8. Instagram Business Profiles and Tools Overview
      9. Find Your Heroes
    2. Step 2. Mastering Basic Functionality
      1. Three Ways to Publish
      2. Instagram General Functionality
      3. Managing Your Business Setting
      4. The Website Version of Your Instagram Profile
    3. Step 3. Mastering Instagram Stories and IGTV
      1. Instagram Stories Overview
      2. What Is IGTV, and How Do You Get It Set Up?
    4. Step 4. Master Hashtags
      1. Where Did Hashtags Come From?
      2. How Instagram Uses Hashtags
      3. How to Use Hashtags
      4. Create Your Own Hashtags
      5. Cautionary Tales
      6. Hashtag Dos and Don’ts
    5. Step 5. A Side Step for Nonprofits, Local Marketers, and Service Providers
      1. Nonprofit Marketing on Instagram
      2. Local Marketing with Instagram
      3. Marketing a Service on Instagram
  9. Part II O = Organize Your Message
    1. Step 6. Create Your Content Blueprint
      1. Framework Step One: Clarify Your Themes
      2. Framework Step Two: Clarify Your Visual Style
      3. Framework Step Three: Select Your Publishing Method
    2. Step 7. Use the Daily Actions Checklist to Gather Your Tribe
      1. Followers = Social Proof
      2. The Follow-Like-Comment-Respond (FLCR) Method
      3. Daily Actions Checklist
      4. A Fast and Affordable Way to Grow Your Instagram Followers with Influencers
      5. Tools for Management
    3. Step 8. Building Your Instagram Support Team
      1. A Personal Note from GaryVee About Automation
      2. Staffing Options
      3. Collaboration and Automation Tools
      4. Going Beyond the Instagram Approved List of Providers
  10. Part III W = Wow Them with Effective Marketing
    1. Step 9. Master Copywriting Secrets for Instagram
      1. Writing Opportunities on Instagram
      2. How to Get Words on Your Pictures
      3. Common Myths
      4. What Would Joe Sugarman Do?
      5. The Copywriter’s Goal
      6. The Copywriter’s View of the Basic Tools
      7. The Copywriter’s Outcome
      8. Taking Copywriting to the Next Level
    2. Step 10. Use Triggers of Engagement
      1. 12 Common Buying Triggers Found on Instagram
      2. Five Levels of Connection to a Message
      3. Fears Related to Tapping into Emotions
    3. Step 11. Run Contests and Use Freebies Regularly
      1. How to Get 64 Times More Comments
      2. And Yet, It’s So Uncommon
      3. Effective Contest Strategies on Instagram
      4. Beyond Contests
      5. The Stealthy Way to Share Boring Content
      6. Ritualize the Freebies for Maximum Impact
    4. Step 12. Selling Directly on Instagram
      1. Shoppable Tags
      2. Traditional Display Ads Adapted to Instagram
      3. What Does Your Tribe Think Is Visually On-Trend?
      4. Display Ad Techniques
      5. How to Close the Sale with Link in Bio
    5. Step 13. Use Multistep Campaigns and User Generated Content
      1. The Dawn of the Multistep Campaign
      2. Jeff Walker’s Breakthrough Adaptation
      3. The AIDA Model on Instagram
      4. Marketing with User Generated Content
      5. Create a Photo Challenge
  11. Part IV E = Expand with Advertising and Influencers
    1. Step 14. Start Advertising on Instagram
      1. Study Both the Timeless and the Timely, but Avoid the Outdated
      2. The State of Instagram Advertising
      3. Prioritization and Advertising Rules for Success
      4. How to Set up Ads on Instagram
      5. The Types of Ads on Instagram
      6. Audience Selection Options
      7. Types of Calls to Action
      8. Viewing Results of an Ad
      9. Setting up Instagram Story Ads
      10. Resources and Insights
    2. Step 15. Scale up Your Advertising with Agency Help
      1. The 5 Benefits of Using an Agency
      2. Three Types of Instagram Agency Work
      3. Evaluating an Advertising Agency
      4. Ad Agency Pricing Models to Understand
      5. Enabling Agency Success
      6. Evaluating Agency Outcomes
      7. The Challenges of Evaluating Success
    3. Step 16. Start Working with Influencers
      1. Influencer Marketing Defined
      2. The Difference Between Mass Media Influencers and Social Influencers
      3. Three Reasons Marketers Like Influencers
      4. Five Tiers of Influence
      5. How Much to Pay for Influencer Marketing
      6. How to Find Influencers
      7. What Can Influencers Do for You?
      8. Avoiding Fraudulent Influencers
      9. 25 Example Calls to Action to Give to Your Influencers
    4. Step 17. Become an Influencer
      1. How Much Is Your Current Account Worth?
      2. How Much Time Will It Take?
      3. 14 Top Tips from Successful Influencers
  12. Part V R = Refine Your Instagram Efforts with Tools and Services
    1. Step 18. Use Tools to Expand
      1. Business Account Management Tools
      2. Turn Instagram Images into Physical Products
      3. Photo Management Utilities
      4. Video Editing Utilities
      5. Hashtag and Follower Management Utilities
      6. Photo Editing Apps
      7. Google Analytics
      8. Classic Advertising Resources
      9. Current Advertising Resources
    2. Step 19. Get Coaching and Ongoing Training
      1. Terrific Blogs to Consider
      2. Instagram Related Training Courses
      3. Events to Attend
      4. Create Your Own Mastermind Group
  13. Conclusion
  14. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Instagram Power, Second Edition: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Visual Influence, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Jason Miles
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781260453317