RFC 1058 Specifications

RFC 1058 specified an open standard RIP. This RIP, like its proprietary ancestors, was designed as a simple distance-vector routing protocol. It was specifically designed for use as an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) in small, simple networks.

RIP Packet Format

RIP uses a special packet to collect and share information about distances to known internetworked destinations. This packet contains the following structure:

  • A 1-octet command field

  • A 1-octet version number field

  • A 2-octet zero field

  • A 2-octet Address Family Identifier (AFI) field

  • Another 2-octet zero field

  • A 4-octet Internetworking Address (i.e., IP Address) field

  • A 4-octet zero field

  • Another 4-octet zero field

  • A 4-octet metric field

Figure 8-2 illustrates the RIP packet ...

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