View Menu

The choices on the View menu allow you to control how many different parts of MusicMatch Jukebox you have visible onscreen, along with other visual elements of the program.

Small Player View / Full Player View

Selecting Small Player View shrinks the MusicMatch Jukebox window down to a slim, space-saving bar of controls for music playback. Choosing Full Player View expands the window to its full-size, normal view. Keyboard shortcut: Alt+Page Down, +Page Up.


Shows or hides the program’s Playlist window. In addition to being a workspace to create, edit, and view playlists, the window features a number of shortcut buttons along the bottom frame for saving a playlist, sending it to the iPod, or burning it to a CD. You can also adjust playlist behavior with the Shuffle and Repeat buttons.

My Library

Opens the library window, revealing all of the encoded songs that MusicMatch Jukebox has filed away for your digital audio collection. Another way to pop open this window is to click the My Library button below the playback controls in the program’s main window.

Online Music

Whisks you to the MusicMatch MX site, where you can listen to dozens of preprogrammed streaming radio stations and browse some of the offerings from the MusicMatch subscription music service. Access to all of the service’s features— including the Artist on Demand area that hosts the works of 8,000 popular musicians—costs $5 a month. A more limited pass to just the service’s radio stations and a few other basic ...

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