Using CipherMail

CipherMail’s main window represents an in-box. The left part of the window contains a list of received messages, while the right part can display one of them at a time. As messages are selected in the left list, they are displayed in the right panel. Figure 11.1 shows the main window, with the fourth message selected and displayed.

The CipherMail window
Figure 11-1. The CipherMail window

The Get button retrieves mail messages from a mail server. The Compose... button pops up a second window where a new, outgoing message can be created. A text label at the bottom of the CipherMail window displays informative status messages.

Figure 11.2 shows how a CipherMail message looks in a conventional mail application.[32] Except for the “CipherMail:” identifier, the remainder of the message is a mess of base64 encoded data. The contents of your message are protected from eavesdroppers and spies. Note, however, that the existence of the message is not concealed, nor are the headers, including the subject line.

An encrypted CipherMail message in an ordinary mail client
Figure 11-2. An encrypted CipherMail message in an ordinary mail client

First-Time Setup

Like any mail client, CipherMail needs to know some information about you and your mail servers. CipherMail retrieves mail from a POP3 server and sends mail using an SMTP server. Outgoing mail is encrypted using ...

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