My wife, Kristen, now knows more about cryptography than anyone else I know. I’d like to thank her for her encouragement and enthusiasm throughout this project, and for proofreading. My gratitude also goes to Mike Loukides, who suggested this book to me in the first place, and patiently guided me through its creation. I’ll always be grateful to Mike and to Frank Willison, who believed me when I told them I knew how to write and that I really did want to work from my home. I’m also grateful to Tim O’Reilly, who somehow has created a successful company based on quality and integrity.

This book has benefitted from the thorough scrutiny of its technical reviewers. I owe many thanks to Li Gong, Jim Farley, Gary Luckenbaugh, Michael Norman, and David Hopwood for using their time and expertise to suggest improvements to the manuscript. Chapter 8 would not exist but for the kindness of friends and family. When I had ungodly trouble with Authenticode, Matt Diamond pointed me in the right direction. When I somehow broke my machine so it would not sign code, my father allowed me to use his computer. Thanks for helping me through a difficult chapter. And thanks go to Michael Norman for helping me test SafeTalk, the application in Chapter 10. Thanks also to Jan Leuhe, Li Gong, and the rest of the security and cryptography teams at Sun for being so helpful and responsive.

O’Reilly’s production group and Benchmark Productions put the finishing touches on this book. Mary Anne Weeks Mayo was the project manager. Nancy Kruse Hannigan served as copyeditor; Beth Roberts was the proofreader; quality was assured by Dmitri Nerubenko, Ellie Fountain Maden, and Sheryl Avruch. Andrew Williams and Greg deZarn-O’Hare managed production at Benchmark. Jennifer Coker created the index. Mike Sierra tweaked the Frame tools to finesse the interior design. Robert Romano prepared the crisp illustrations. The book’s interior was designed by Nancy Priest. Hanna Dyer designed the cover, based on a series design by Edie Freedman.

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