ExternalInterface.addCallback( ): expose an ActionScript method for execution from JavaScript — ActionScript function in Flash 8


boolean ExternalInterface.addCallback(Stringname,
                                      Object instance,
                                      Function func)



The name of the JavaScript function to be defined. Invoking a JavaScript function with this name causes the Flash player to invoke the ActionScript function func as a method of the instance object.


The ActionScript object on which func is to be invoked or null. This argument becomes the value of the this keyword when func is invoked.


The ActionScript function that is invoked when the JavaScript function named name is invoked.


true on success or false on failure.


This static function is used by ActionScript code in a Flash movie to enable JavaScript code in a web browser to invoke ActionScript code. When addCallback( ) is invoked, it defines a top-level JavaScript function called name which, when invoked, calls the ActionScript function func as a method of the ActionScript object instance.

The arguments to the JavaScript function are converted and passed to func, and the return value of func is converted and becomes the return value of the JavaScript function. Arguments and return values can be primitive numbers, strings, boolean values, and objects and arrays that contain primitive values. However, it is not possible, for example, to pass a client-side JavaScript object such as a Window or Document to an ActionScript ...

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